the north face jester Employees fired for Facebook post

mens the north face Employees fired for Facebook post

“Like many employers, we employ many people. People have opinions. Social media allows an outlet for these opinions,” owner Mike Wright said in a statement on Facebook. “Sadly, for reasons unknown to me, often times bitter employees also try to embarrass the employers and taint the businesses where they work. Clearly a recent post by a now former employee fits this description.”

Wright chose not to release the employees’ names, citing employee confidentiality. The Tribune was not able to contact them.

Wright said in a phone interview the woman in the photo “did something that was a mistake.” He said she felt bad and has privately apologized for the post.

“I will allow the court of public opinion to weigh in on this obviously offensive post,” he said on Facebook.

Wright said while employees have their own opinions, social media brought the photo into the public realm.

“Hopefully we can move on beyond this,” he said.

Bismarck Mandan Convention and Visitors Bureau Chief Executive Officer Terry Harzinski said about $2 million dollars is spent at local businesses by those staying in hotels during Powwow weekend annually, “which is very significant.”
the north face jester Employees fired for Facebook post