the north face lightweight jacket Dilemma of winery founders in mergers and acquisitions

the north face womens coats Dilemma of winery founders in mergers and acquisitions

Whether a founder or owner of a wine brand stays on after an acquisition can depend on what has been sold.

“If you’re selling a large brand that has pretty solid three tier distribution and you’re spinning off that brand in particular, there is not as much connection to the persona involved,” said Kevin O’Brien, senior vice president of wine industry mergers and acquisitions consultancy Zepponi Company. “Because there is not a face associated with the brand.”

By contrast, if the acquisition target is a more exclusive brand, like those vinted in the North Coast, with not as much distribution and more of a direct to consumer focus, it could be critically important to the transaction for the founder to stay on board.

“If you’re talking about founders that are acting in a sales capacity, that could be quite important,” O’Brien said from his firm’s newly opened Portland, Oregon, office. “On the other side of that, you could have founders who are winemakers, that certainly stylistically, there could be a period they stay on to make sure there is quality maintenance, as they try to transition the winemaking to somebody else.”

That passing of the “secret sauce” for a brand to the new owner’s team might call for the winemaker to remain for at least a couple of years, he said.

And the increased effort in getting wines into an increasingly crowded marketplace via fewer distributors is one of the oft cited factors for the sale of a winery, a condition commonly called “founder fatigue.” Having a larger company take over back office, sales and marketing, and certain supply chain functions can allow a founder to return to the passion at the start of the venture, O’Brien said.

But for those who want to stay independent, several wine marketing companies have sprung up in the North Coast to handle that challenge.

The dollar value of a key figure’s continued involvement with a brand post transaction is indirectly linked to the value of the brand based on the profitability of the overall enterprise.

“If it’s a pretty profitable brand and a successful company, and there is an aspect that is built on the back of wine quality but also the brand’s perception in the marketplace, then a certain amount of that can be attributed to either the founding winemaker or, if it’s a direct to consumer model, the relationship the owner has with the consumer base,” O’Brien said.

That becomes particularly important if there is a strong club membership component of the business, he said.

“There tends to be a familial connection that is created with these really strong brands, where the owner has built up quite a deep relationship with club members and acts as the face of the brand in the marketplace,” O’Brien said.

Continuity is important for wine quality as well as brand integrity, more so than for a number of consumer products.

“For a lot of these brands, wine is a lifestyle product,” O’Brien said. “If you’re a widget manufacturer, there may not be a face connected to the brand.”

M transactions in the spirits business have tended to be less focused on founders, said O’Brien, who worked on the summer 2017 sale of the Masterson’s rye and Bib Tucker bourbon whiskey brands by Sonoma based 3 Badge Corporation to Deutsch Family Wine Spirits.
the north face lightweight jacket Dilemma of winery founders in mergers and acquisitions

the north face wiki Digital History

the north face mens jackets Digital History

Cabeza de Vaca, who lived from about 1490 to around 1557, was the first European to explore North America and leave a written record. His reports that great wealth lay north of Mexico led the Spanish to explore Arizona and New Mexico. Cabeza de Vaca was a member of a Spanish expedition that set out to colonize Florida in 1527. Under attack from Florida’s Indians, Cabeza de Vaca and a number of other men sailed a makeshift barge westward, hoping to find a Spanish settlement in Mexico. Along the way, the men became the first Europeans to cross the mouth of the Mississippi River. Cabeza de Vaca and eighty Spanish castaways landed on Galveston Island, along the Texas coast. For the next eight years, he and other survivors travelled overland, living with various Indian tribes, sometimes as slaves and at times as shamans (religious healers). Disease and conflict with Indians killed all but four of the travelers: Cabeza de Vaca, Alonso del Castillo, Andres Dorantes, and Dorantes’s slave, the first African to set foot in what is now the United States, a Moroccan Moor converted to Christianity named Estevanico. In this passage from his journal, Cabeza de Vaca describes his party’s finally meeting up with a group of Spaniards in Mexico who were in the process of enslaving Indians. This filled our hearts with sorrow, seeing the land so fertile and beautiful, so full of water and streams, but abandoned and the places burned down, and the people, so thin and wan, fleeing and hiding; and as they did not raise any crops their destitution had become so great that they ate tree bark and roots. They brought us blankets, which they had been concealing from the Christians, and gave them to us, and told us how the Christians had penetrated into the country before, and had destroyed and burnt the villages, taking with them half of the men and all the women and children, and how those who could escaped by flight. Seeing them in this plight, afraid to stay anywhere, and that they neither would nor could cultivate the soil, preferring to die rather than suffer such cruelties, while they showed the greatest pleasure at being with us, we began to apprehend that the Indians who were in arms against the Christians might ill treat us in retaliation for what the Christians did to them. But when it pleased God our Lord to take us to those Indians, they respected us and held us precious, as the former had done, and even a little more, at which we were not a little astonished, while it clearly shows how, in order to bring those people to Christianity and obedience until Your Imperial Majesty, they should be well treated, and not otherwise. They had seen the Christians and watched their movements, under cover of some trees, behind which they concealed themselves, and saw the Christians take many Indians along in chains. Having seen positive traces of Christians and become satisfied they were very near, we gave many thanks to our Lord for redeeming us from our sad and gloomy condition. Any one can imagine our delight when he reflects how long we had been in that land, and how many dangers and hardships we had suffered. That night I entreated one of my companions to go after the Christians, who were moving through the part of the country pacified and quieted by us, and who were three days ahead of where we were. They did not like my suggestion, and excused themselves from going, on the ground of being tired and worn out, although any of them might have done it far better than I, being younger and stronger. Seeing their reluctance, in the morning I took with me the Negro and eleven Indians and, following the trail, went in search of the Christians. On that day we made ten leagues, passing three places where they had slept. The next morning I came upon four Christians on horseback,
the north face wiki Digital History
who, seeing me in such a strange attire, and in company with Indians, were greatly startled. They stared at me for quite a while, speechless; so great was their surprise that they could not find words to ask me anything. I spoke first, and told them to lead me to their captain, and we went together to Diego de Alcaraza, their commander. After I had addressed him he said that he was himself in a plight, as for many days he had been unable to capture Indians, and did not know where to go, also that starvation was beginning to place them in great distress. I stated to him that, in the rear of me, at a distance of ten leagues, were Dorantes and Castillo, with many people who had guided us through the country. He at once dispatched three horsemen, with fifty of his Indians, and the Negro went with them as guide, while I remained and asked them to give me a certified statement of the date, year, month, and day, when I had met them, also the condition in which I had come, with which request they complied. Five days later Andres Dorantes and Alonso del Castillo came with those who had gone in quest of them. They brought along more than six hundred Indians, from the village, the people of which the Christians had caused to flee to the woods, and who were in hiding about the country. Those who had come with us as far as that place had taken them our of their places of concealment, turning them over to the Christians. They had also dispatched the others who had come that far. Thereupon we had many and bitter quarrels with the Christians, for they wanted to make slaves of our Indians, and we grew so angry at it that at our departure we forgot to take along many bows, pouches and arrows, also the five emeralds, and so they were left and lost to us. We gave the Christians a great many cow skin robes, and other objects, and had much trouble in persuading the Indians to return home and plant their crops in peace. They insisted upon accompanying us until, according to their custom, we should be in the custody of other Indians, because otherwise they were afraid to die; besides, as long as we were with them, they had no fear of the Christians and of their lances. At all this the Christians were greatly vexed, and told their own interpreter to say to the Indians how we were of their own race, but had gone astray for a long while, and were people of no luck and little heart, whereas they were the lords of the land, whom they should obey and serve. After we had dispatched the Indians in peace, and with thanks for what they had gone through with and for us, the Christians (out of mistrust) sent us to a certain Alcalde Cebreros, who had with him two other men. He took us through forests and uninhabited country in order to prevent our communicating with the Indians, in reality, also, to prevent us from seeing or hearing what the Christians were carrying on. This clearly shows how the designs of men sometimes miscarry. We went on with the idea of insuring the liberty of the Indians, and, when we believed it to be assured, the opposite took place. The Spaniards had planned to fall upon those Indians we had sent back in fancied security and in peace, and that plan they carried out.
the north face wiki Digital History

the north face sale uk Digital Edition FAQs

the north face sandals Digital Edition FAQs

What is a PageSuite account and how does it work?

A PageSuite account is a personal account which holds details of your digital subscriptions. In your account you can have several subscriptions to any of the publications which are hosted by PageSuite.

The account works through a simple username and password system, the username is usually your email address specified when you purchase your first subscription to a publication hosted by PageSuite.

Depending on what the publisher has requested there are two types of subscription, edition credit based subscriptions and date based subscriptions. Edition based credit subscriptions are single credits which you can purchase and then use to

purchase single editions, once an edition is purchased with a credit that edition will remain accessible to you permanently. Date based subscriptions are as the name suggests date based; you will have access to all the editions in

the publications archive until the subscription expires.

How do I subscribe to a publication?

To subscribe to a publication for the first time, simply select the subscription type you want to purchase using the drop down box and fill out the details on the on the subscription page. Click on subscribe.

Then follow the instructions on the secure payment website.

Once the payment is complete you will either be redirected to the publication you subscribed to or you will be taken to your PageSuite’s account page.

If you are taken to your account page, you can then select the publication you wish to view by selecting that publication from the list. You will then be taken to an archive page for that publication where you can select the edition you wish to view.

If you have purchased an edition credit you will be given the option to use that credit to purchase an edition here.

How do I log into my subscription?

To access a publication that you have subscribed to, select the link that use to get to the publication. You will be taken to the log in/subscription page (unless your machine is set to remember your log in details).

From here enter your username and password in the relevant boxes on the left hand side of the page under the publication image and the heading Already a subscriber? and then select login. You will then be taken to the latest edition of the publication.

How do I renew my subscription?

To renew your subscription to a publication, go to the log in/subscription page of the publication you wish to renew the subscription to. Log into your account using your username and password on the left hand side of the page, you will be taken to your account page

on the left hand side menu will be Purchase Subscription, select this. You will be taken to the subscription page again, this time your details will already be filled out all you need to do is select the subscription type you want to purchase and then select Subscribe.

You will then be taken to the payments website, follow the instructions on the secure payment website. After the payment process has been completed you will be redirected to you will either be redirected to the publication you subscribed to or you will be taken to

your PageSuite’s account page.

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An automated email will be sent to your registered email address, this email will give you an automatically generated password so you can get into your account, you can then change it you something you can remember.
the north face sale uk Digital Edition FAQs

the north face stockists Digby bee business about to get buzzing with new Canadian beehive patent

the north face kids jacket Digby bee business about to get buzzing with new Canadian beehive patent

Now that their Canadian patent is in place, the Manzer brothers, Owen and Brian, are hopeful their beehive business will soon be buzzing.

It was about three years ago that the pair teamed up for the first time in business Owen, a janitor with the Tri County Regional School Board, also owned a small orchard, and Brian still operates his construction company and several rental units. The pair had never worked together before.

But Owen had been experimenting with keeping bees, by trial and error, and in the early days, was mostly struggling. He just couldn keep his bees alive in traditional hives throughout the winter. And those mistakes were proving to be costly each package of bees was costing him $300. And since most of the bees were shipped from New Zealand or Australia, his costs were rising.

But one day Owen stumbled onto the answer to his bees early deaths improved ventilation in the hive.

He redesigned his hives to incorporate better ventilation and was rewarded with bees that survived the winter. His brother immediately knew he was on to something.

were walking through the orchard, and he was telling me about it, and I looked at him and I said, know what you got here, right? Brian said.

The pair then created Manzer Apiary Inc., entered the hive design into an innovation competition two years ago, and came in second for the southwest region. Since then their hive has been put through a year of field trials under the supervision of Acadia University and with the support of several farmers in the Annapolis Valley.

had three per cent bee loss through that trial, Brian said. average is 30 per cent. So far, this design is proving to be very successful. DESIGN

Their hive is a Modified Top Bar Beehive design, now known as the EZ Hive, and it designed to keep bees as organically as possible. It modified in several ways from the more traditional box hives it larger, includes a metal,
the north face stockists Digby bee business about to get buzzing with new Canadian beehive patent
hinged roof and a viewing window, and the interior of their hive mimics a hollow log with angled sides for maximum comb building. It just received its formal patent on Dec. 12, 2017.

The pair now have more than 75 of their own hives in production 35 in the field behind their main office on Industrial Drive in Digby, about 20 in Ashmore and another 20 in Port Maitland. And they keep Owen busy as the company official beekeeper about four hours a day.

a regular bee highway between here and town in the summertime, Brian said, adding that the bus company across the road from their offices where a row of school buses were parked couldn figure out what the yellow stuff was they kept washing off the buses.

The brothers were able to receive some business start up support from a contract economic development staff member at the Municipality of Digby, and they said that really helped them with the patent process. patent, but said with the new issues around trade to the States, they looking at the United Kingdom as a potential market alternative. They also just reached out to the Ministry of Agriculture to see what funding options there might be for expansion of their hive production.

Right now, Brian is still building the hives one at a time, but they hope they will soon be in a position to build a manufacturing plant, and they like to see that built on the vacant land next to their current office.

Since the first design, they come up with a starter size hive the PolliPod and early feedback from consumers and commercial producers has them slightly modifying their initial design and their price point. Eventually, their goal is to be the most affordable hive on the market all the while offering stand out results.

hives performed as well or better than traditional hives in all areas of the field study, Brian said.

They also believe they created a healthier environment for the bees. They described how their ventilated environment works allowing them to leave the hives outdoors year round and how much heat bees naturally give off. They said large producers store their hives inside barns in the wintertime that they then have to refrigerate.

have to use these huge refrigeration units in their barns because bees give off so much heat, Brian said. how they kill invaders they don sting them. If a wasp flies into their hive, they surround it and burn it up. heating factor has Brian considering other potential manufacturing ideas, but for now the Manzer brothers are thrilled they can start up a massive marketing campaign for their hives and hopefully, in the near future, amp up production, create a factory and local jobs. They also hoping, barring any inspection issues,
the north face stockists Digby bee business about to get buzzing with new Canadian beehive patent
to start selling bees across Nova Scotia in the near future.

the north face boys Differentiating between glycemic index and load

the north face base camp flip flop Differentiating between glycemic index and load

A. The glycemic index was developed in 1981 by researchers at the University of Toronto, led by Dr. David J. A. Jenkins, to try to help Type 1 diabetics manage the blood sugar in their diets. What Jenkins, et al, did was systematically test different carbohydrates to assess their individual impact on blood sugar levels. In order to figure out how the body reacts to foods containing carbohydrate, test subjects were first fed 50 grams of pure glucose as a control. They were then fed 50 grams of carbohydrate from a whole host of other foods to compare the blood glucose levels.

Here’s where the problem begins when it comes to “truthiness” in diet books. Since, for example, one medium carrot has only about 4 grams of carbohydrate, the subjects had to eat at least a pound of carrots in order to consume the required 50 grams!

This is why a better concept, called “glycemic load,” may be more appropriate for most dieters. While the glycemic INDEX compares the blood glucose response to the same amount of carbohydrate, the glycemic LOAD differentiates by comparing how much sugar is actually in a serving. The glycemic load is calculated by multiplying the food’s glycemic index by the amount of carbohydrate (in grams) the food actually contains, then dividing that by 100. Therefore, a large carrot, with a glycemic index of 95, times a carbohydrate content of 4 grams, divided by 100, would be a glycemic load of 3.8. A score of 10 or less is low, 11 through 19 is medium and 20 or more is high.

While it is true that highly processed (and, therefore, high GI) foods are also often linked to the development of Type 2 diabetes and other diseases, there is more to the story than just where a food is located on this index.

This is why the American Institute for Cancer Research advised caution when using the glycemic index. And since it is the total amount of carbohydrate that has the greatest effect on blood sugars, and because the GI varies greatly between individuals, the American Diabetes Association did not endorse the index as a way to manage blood sugar. Unfortunately, many diet books disregard common sense about the nutritional superiority of bananas over bacon, preaching the virtues of “low carb.”

If, however, the index keeps you away from a diet high in sugary snacks and processed foods, steering you toward high fiber foods instead, then all the better for your general health. But most registered dietitians believe that food volume (fiber and water content) is more important than where a food might be on the glycemic index. Whole fruits, vegetables, grains and beans have a higher fiber and water content than processed foods. This means that they are of a better quality nutritionally and will fill you up faster than foods high in processed sugars and flours.

Also, “low carb” diets are often high in fat, which can play havoc with calorie control. For example, if glycemic index is the only factor considered, 4 ounces of peanuts, with a GI of 14, becomes a better choice than a medium orange, with a GI of 48. Calorically, however, the peanuts chime in at 500, while the orange is 62!

The rules for proper nutrition for most people are very simple: Eat a variety of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, grains and beans; eat whole foods rather than refined foods; keep your portions under control; and exercise regularly.
the north face boys Differentiating between glycemic index and load

black the north face jacket Difference Between Compound And Super Sets

the north face size Difference Between Compound And Super Sets

There is a slight difference between compound sets and super sets, and it is actually easy to get them confused. This is why I thought I would write a quick post and explain the difference between compound sets and super sets.

Compound sets consists of two exercises for the same muscle. For example, if you do two exercises back to back for your biceps, then you will be doing a compound set.

Super sets consists of doing two exercises for different muscles, back to back. For example,
black the north face jacket Difference Between Compound And Super Sets
you will be doing a super set if you choose to do bicep curls and triceps curls.

The amount of super sets and compound sets you should do depends on a few things such as the muscle group you are training and how experience you are in terms of working out. Everybody is different, but when I train with compound or super sets, then I do a total of 3 6 total sets. I do a total of three compound or super sets when I train small muscle groups, and six total sets if I train large muscle groups. As far as reps are concerned I try to do 68 reps per exercise that I do. I also tend to train with heavy weight.

I train with compound and super sets when I want to give my muscles a shock, as well as when I want to get stronger,
black the north face jacket Difference Between Compound And Super Sets
hence the reason why I use heavy weight

the north face denali jacket dies in UTV crash off South Curtisville Road

the north face nuptse jacket dies in UTV crash off South Curtisville Road

Friday, when he was found dead in an off road vehicle that was driven off a trail and into a tree.

Timothy Scannell was riding alone Thursdayin his Polaris Ranger utility vehicle in an undeveloped stretch of woods known as Broken Ground nearby South Curtisville Road, said Fish and Game Department Lt. Scott LaCrosse. When he hadn’t returned by 7, his wife called Concord police and the search began, soon with the addition of a state police helicopter flying overhead.

Two officers on ATVs went in that direction and found Scannell’s body within a third of a mile of the cell phone ping, he said, about mile from South Curtisville Road.

LaCrosse said Scannell frequently rode his utility vehicle in that area, but he’s unsure how Scannell accessed the trail he was on, because most entryways are blocked off with boulders. Those woods are off limits to motorized vehicles, except with written permission from landowners, he said.

“It’s not legal for people to be out there. They’re not approved trails. He was some place he should not have been,” LaCrosse said.

Since the trail wasn’t developed for off road vehicles, it could have made traveling more difficult, especially for Scannell’s Ranger, which is bigger, wider and more top heavy than the average ATV, he said.

LaCrosse said the crash could serve as a reminder for others to take care when riding off road vehicles.

“They should certainly stick to trails that are meant for ATVs. If they go on private property, they need to have written permission, and it’salways a good idea to ride with a buddy in case you need some assistance,” he said.
the north face denali jacket dies in UTV crash off South Curtisville Road

the north face apex bionic jacket dies in Nepal ahead of Mount Everest expedition

the north face nuptse gilet dies in Nepal ahead of Mount Everest expedition

One of the world’s most famous climbers, Swiss man Ueli Steck, has been killed in a mountaineering accident near Mount Everest in Nepal, officials say.

Key points:Ueli Steck died while climbing Mount Nuptse, ahead of a planned attempt to climb EverestSteck was best known for his speed climbing, setting several records for ascending the north face of the EigerSteck described the ambitious goal of climbing Everest as “primarily a physical project”

Steck, 40, died after falling to the foot of Mount Nuptse, a smaller peak in the area, said Mingma Sherpa of the Seven Summits Treks company that organised Steck’s expedition.

“His body has been retrieved and is being brought to Kathmandu,” Sherpa said.

Steck’s family said the exact circumstances of his death were still unclear.

“The family is infinitely sad and asks that the media refrain from speculating about his death out of respect and consideration for Ueli,” it said in a statement on Steck’s website.

“As soon as reliable information about Ueli Steck’s death becomes available, the media will be informed.”

Steck, who was known as the “Swiss Machine” for his speed, was planning to climb 8,850 metre Mount Everest and nearby Mount Lhotse next month.

Ueli Steck talks about the challenges he expected to face on his Mount Lhotse expedition.

Kamal Prasad Parajuli, an official with Nepal’s Department of Tourism,
the north face apex bionic jacket dies in Nepal ahead of Mount Everest expedition
confirmed Steck died while climbing Nuptse and that he had planned to attempt an Everest ascent.

He said Steck, who climbed Everest in 2012, “slipped and fell 1,000 metres” in the Western Cwm along the normal route to Everest.

He was the first casualty in the spring mountaineering season in Nepal, which began in March and will end in May.

Veteran famous for speed climbing

He completed the feat in 62 days, helping cement his reputation.

Steck suffered a setback during his last trip to Everest, in 2013, when he became involved in a violent altercation with a group of local guides.

On his return this year, he aimed to perform a quick climb of Everest and Lhotse, including an overnight stop at more than 8,000 metres, an altitude that’s known as the “death zone” because the human body’s performance is reduced to 20 per cent of its normal rate.

Asked about the upcoming expedition, Steck told Swiss daily Tages Anzeiger in an interview last month: “When I’m on Everest I can stop at any point. The risk is therefore quite small. For me it’s primarily a physical project. Either I get through, or I don’t have the strength for the whole traversal”.

“Of course I want to climb Everest and Lhotse,” Steck told the paper when asked about his measure of success.

“But that’s a very high goal. Failure for me would be to die and not come home.”

Steck an inspiration to young climbersQueensland teenager Alyssa Azar is the youngest Australian to reach the peak of Mount Everest and said Steck was an inspiring.

“He was the best at his set and he set many speed records on mountains that were incredibly challenging and then on also some of the biggest peaks in the world,” Ms Azar said.

“The way that he climbed was incredibly impressive. His technical skill and his physical ability definitely inspired me.”

Ms Azar said the mountain Steck was climbing when he died is a dangerous trek that requires a great deal of skill.

“I know that Nupsi can be quite a technical climb and you do have to have a lot of ice climbing skill and be pretty self sufficient,” she said.

Ms Azar said climbing alone Nupsi is extremely risky.

“One foot out of line and you can very easily fall down,
the north face apex bionic jacket dies in Nepal ahead of Mount Everest expedition
” she said.

“You haven’t got the fixed lines that are anchored in. You’re relying on your ice tools and your crampons to be the point of anchoring you into the mountain.”

the north face ladies boots dies in kayaking accident

the north face verbera hiker ii gtx dies in kayaking accident

SANTIAGO, Chile >> Douglas Tompkins, the co founder of The North Face and Esprit clothing companies who bought up large swaths of land in South America Patagonia region to keep them pristine, has died from severe hypothermia in a kayaking accident in Chile. He was 72.

The Aysen health service said the wealthy businessman and lifelong outdoorsman was boating with five other foreigners on Tuesday when their kayaks capsized in a lake in near freezing waters in the Patagonia region of southern Chile. Tompkins died later in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Coyhaique, a town 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) south of Santiago.

Chile army said strong waves on General Carrerra Lake caused the group kayaks to capsize. A military patrol boat rescued three of the boaters and a helicopter lifted out the other three, it said.

was a passionate advocate for the environment, The North Face said in a statement. legacy of conservation will help ensure that there are outdoor spaces to be explored for generations to come. The son of an antiques dealer and a decorator, he lived the first years of life in New York City before his family moved to Millbrook in the Hudson Valley. He began rock climbing before his teen years, and later became an active skier and kayaker.

had been an outdoorsman all his life: a daring white water kayaker; a skier with aspirations to compete in the Olympics; a serious mountain climber who once spent four weeks holed up in an ice cave with four buddies, waiting out an epic storm until they could finally blaze a new trail to the summit, Edward Humes wrote in Barons: The Dreamers, Schemers, and Millionaires Who Are Saving Our Planet. Instead, he spent a couple of years working, rock climbing and ski racing in Colorado, Europe and South America.

In the mid 1960s, he became one of the founders of The North Face, a small ski and backpacking retail operation in San Francisco North Beach neighborhood under the mantra to Stop Exploring. North Face made outdoor gear cool for teenagers, hipsters,
the north face ladies boots dies in kayaking accident
suburbanites and celebrities. The activewear company is now owned by VF Corp. of Greensboro, North Carolina. He also founded the Esprit clothing company with his first wife, Susie Tompkins Buell.

After retiring in 1989, Tompkins was active in conservation and environmentalism. He used much of his fortune to buy hundreds of thousands of hectares (acres) in Patagonia, a sparsely populated region of untamed rivers and other natural beauty that straddles southern Chile and Argentina. On his Chilean land, he created Pumalin Park, 290,000 hectares (716,606 acres) of forest, lakes and fjords stretching from the Andes to the Pacific.

was an innovative man and generous in the conservation of the environment, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said on Wednesday. true that he lived in Chile 25 years, but his work is of a global importance and his real vocation was philanthropy, something that is still relatively unknown and rare in our country. Although at first his purchase of land to preserve swaths of wilderness in both counties stirred suspicion and opposition by local politicians, he shrugged off the protests insisting that he would eventually return the land to both governments to be preserved as nature reserves or parks.

you had to go to bed every night thinking about every accusation that would come up the next day, you be consumed, he told The Associated Press in a 2007 interview. of that stuff is laughable. . You just got to live with that and focus on the things you doing. In one of his final interviews, he was asked about his legacy and how would he liked to be remembered. this, he said referring to the preserved lands in an interview with Chile magazine, published last month.

prefer it to a statue.

Last year, Chile government rejected an $8 billion project to dam two of the world wildest rivers for electricity, in Aysen, a mostly roadless region of remote southern Patagonia where rainfall is nearly constant and rivers plunge from Andean glaciers to the Pacific Ocean through green valleys and fjords.

The HidroAysen plan would have built more than 100 miles of power lines to supply energy to central Chile. Tompkins and his current wife, Kris Tompkins,
the north face ladies boots dies in kayaking accident
had objected to letting the lines cut through the park for years. The decision was seen as a victory for the couple and other environmentalists who praised the ruling as a landmark moment.

the north dies in kayak accident

the north face verbera hiker ii gtx dies in kayak accident

Douglas Tompkins, an outdoorsman, environmental activist, conservationist and entrepreneur who co founded the North Face clothing company in San Francisco, died Tuesday in a kayaking accident in southern Chile.

Mr. Tompkins, who also co founded Esprit with his then wife, Susie Tompkins Buell, capsized while paddling with five other people on General Carrera Lake in the Patagonia region, according to reports confirmed by North Face officials. He was eventually pulled from the water, but died of hypothermia at . He was 72.

General Carrera is a picturesque lake surrounded by snow capped peaks in the Andes. It is known for spectacular geological formations, unpredictable weather and cold water, generally below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

incredibly saddened by this, but he lived on the edge, said Tompkins Buell, who remained close to her ex husband. used to come home from adventures and say, I cheated death again. That the way he lived. He was a very inspired person. There wasn anything he thought he wanted to do that he didn do.

His daughter, , of Healdsburg, remembered a time as a girl when her father landed a small plane on a remote beach in Baja California only to notice later that the tide was rolling in and covering the wheels. She, her sister and the other passengers were told to sit on the tail wing to give the plane traction and then jump off as the plane caught air.

flew off and there we were on the beach, she said. flew back about an hour later and dropped off a backpack with a sleeping bag, some snacks and a note that said, can land till low tide, write me messages in the sand that I can read from the air.

spent all day there thinking we were doomed, Tompkins Imhoff said. enough, he came back and landed and everything was fine. That was my dad in a nutshell. There weren too many dull moments.

Mr. Tompkins had first visited Chile in 1961 and frequently returned to climb, ski, kayak and hike. After his divorce, he climbed Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia, an experience that he said helped inspire him to become an environmental activist in the area.

He and his second wife, Kris Tompkins, whom he married in 1993, bought more than 2 million acres of wilderness in Chile and Argentina and devoted themselves to creating parks, protecting wildlife and supporting ecologically sustainable agriculture.

In 1991, Mr. Tompkins bought the 42,000 acre Re Farm and founded the Pumal Project, dedicated to the protection of the land primeval native rain forest, which was being threatened by logging.

never come in personal contact with anybody who could think so big, said Tompkins Imhoff. had the ability to walk his talk. and the mark he left in terms of conservation and vision will live on. He used to always tell me, let your imagination get in the way of your potential. He is gone, but he will not be forgotten.
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