mens the north face Jeffersonville homicide suspect could face deportation

the north face womens jackets Jeffersonville homicide suspect could face deportation

Marial Wel, 37, was charged with murder following the shooting death of 35 year old Josephine Amon. Amon was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds early Sunday morning inside her Viking Court apartment in Jeffersonville.

Wel later told police he killed Amon, even leading police to the alleged murder weapon, a .380 caliber handgun found in a garbage can outside the Jefferson County Hall of Justice in Louisville. Wel and Amon’s teenage daughter witnessed the shooting, according to court records.

Inside the courtroom Tuesday afternoon, Wel cried and hung his head. Following the hearing,
mens the north face Jeffersonville homicide suspect could face deportation
he continued to cry as he told reporters “just tell them (my kids) I love them so much and what I did was my mistake.”

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull who called the case “unspeakably tragic” said it’s not unusual for defendants to be so emotional once they realize what they’re facing.

“It’s something that we see a lot where when they’re not victimizing somebody, when they’re actually subject to the criminal justice system, that they cry [and] become emotional,” Mull said.

Wel did not have an attorney during the hearing and requested a public defender be appointed.

He told Circuit Court No. 4 Judge Vicki Carmichael that he is a citizen of Sudan and that he was recently laid off from a job he held for 10 years in Jeffersonville.

Mull pointed to Wel’s citizenship status and the severity of the accusations against him when requesting that Wel be held in the Clark County jail without bond. Carmichael approved that request.

Wel could eventually face deportation, but Mull said that won’t change how he prosecutes the case.

” . This isn’t an unusual circumstance for me to prosecute individuals who are not citizens, and what I can say is I never let that be an excuse to not do the prosecution,” he said.

Mull added he will work with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to make sure the Sudanese consulate is notified of Wel’s arrest and the charges against him.

If convicted,
mens the north face Jeffersonville homicide suspect could face deportation
Wel could face 45 to 65 years on the murder charge. Mull will seek an additional 20 years for the use of a firearm. The prosecutor said he will review whether other charges or sentencing enhancements could be filed.

Clark County Coroner Billy Scott said an autopsy was performed on Amon on Monday morning. The cause of death is preliminarily attributed to gunshot wounds in the head and chest.