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The charismatic manager of the North Shore Business Improvement Association suddenly resigned on Thursday morning. Peter Mutrie, an enthusiastic champion for North Kamloops businesses, announced his decision effective immediately during the monthly board of directors meeting. meeting began. Mutrie could not be reached for comment. Director Jeff Douglas said he did not expect the announcement. “It took the wind out of our sails for that meeting, let’s put it that way,” he said. Mutrie has been managing the organization for about 12 years and during his time, had a significant impact on the improvements to the area’s commercial interests, said Douglas. “It leaves a big hole for us. Peter’s been there for so long, knows everybody, has more or less been the face of the North Shore.” Mutrie’s administrative assistant of the past four months said she was also stunned. “He didn’t give any reason as far as I know,” said Dorothy Felling, who was also at the meeting. “I think people are surprised. I know I didn’t see it coming and I worked with him.” Douglas said Mutrie has talked about doing different things in the past. But the way the resignation happened was bewildering. Mutrie was heavily involved in the successful implementation of the North Shore neighbourhood plan and safety initiatives. He also led the charge on beautifying the area. “He would roll up his sleeves, he was out there doing clean ups, getting planters, murals. You name it, he was there,” said Douglas. The NSBIA plans to commemorate Mutrie for his efforts sometime in the future. The City of Kamloops taxes 324 North Shore businesses 2.5 per cent on behalf of the NSBIA. Felling, who will run the NSBIA while a new manager is sought, did not know what the total amount of taxes added up to. “Peter took care of all the budgeting,” she said. The organization has already hired a management consultant to assist in finding a new manager as quickly as possible, said Douglas. Lynda Douglas, NSBIA chairperson, issued a two sentence statement announcing his resignation on Thursday afternoon. “The board of directors would like to announce that Peter Mutrie resigned as manager of the NSBIA today Nov. 8 effective immediately,” read the statement. “We would like to thank him for his contribution to Kamloops North Shore and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.” Douglas could not be reached for comment.
the north face outlet store uk 'Face of North Shore' resigns